Sea Marconi enhances services offered to EDF 0

Posted on 25, January 2015

in Category References, Services

Halfway through January, a meeting was held to do the sums on the framework agreement between EDF and Sea Marconi relative to diagnostic activities on transformers (and other electrical equipment) installed by EDF in French territory.

18 area managers (responsible for thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric generation and distribution) participated in the meeting. The first half of the meeting consisted in an overview of the activities performed during the last year, whilst the second half of the meeting focused on the objectives and plans for improvement in the year 2015.

The summary data relative to activities performed by Sea Marconi for EDF revealed (compared to the previous year) an increase in the number of analyses and diagnoses performed, with a general improvement in performance indicators.

In addition to recognising a general improvement in the service provided, EDF professionals also commended Sea Marconi for their maximum transparency, ability to identify and assess individual criticalities, and provide innovative solutions.


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